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We are always moving towards People And Environment,“ Eco-Friendly ”

We are very proud of our PP decorative films, which are ecologically and biologically harmless product as the main raw material is Polypropylene, a kind of Polyolefin series, not PVC. It’s inherent characteristic can make sure that room air is always fresh and cozy for people’s breath, protect children and babies from atopic skin disease. We will promote the develop eco-friendly products for human-being consistently. DND advances the application and use of polypropylene with the introduction of innovative product designs and repeatedly develops individual solutions for the unique product requirements of its customers. We will continue to grow and advance in the marketplace with a consistent quality product, unique partnership offering and consistent innovative product development.

CW-464S CW-472S CW-465S CW-467S
CW-468S CW-466C CW-4360 CW-2348-19-39D
CW-3910 CW-4180 CW-4330 CW-3340G
CW-4350G CW-4340 CW-2770 CW-3411G
CW-3370 CW-3820 CW-3920 CW-4020
CW-4160 CW-4190 CW-4060 CW-4080
CW-3600 CW-3260G CW-3860 CW-3330
CW-4030 CW-3380G CW-3970 CW-4070
CW-4200 CW-2901 CW-1050G CW-1920
CW-3870 CW-3980 CW-3280G CW-2780
CW-1980 CW-4040 CW-3830 CW-3940
CW-4110 CW-4050 CW-4090 CW-3930
CW-3580 CW-1130G CW-3880 CW-3840
CW-3360 CW-3990 CW-4210 CW-4000
CW-2160G CW-3850 CW-3810 CW-4120
CW-3780 CW-3620 CW-3440G CW-3700
CW-3660 CW-3750 CW-3740 CW-4010
CW-3890 CW-3900 CW-3760 CW-3640
CW-3650 CW-3610 CW-4220 CW-3590
CW-3950 CW-3680 CW-3670 CW-3960
CW-1890 CW-3290G CW-3790 CW-3220G
CW-3770 CW-3690 CW-3800 CW-4130
CW-3710 CW-3630G CW-4230 CW-3730
CW-4170 CW-4240 CW-3210 CW-2360
CW-2881 CW-4140 CW-3720 CW-4150
CW-4290 CW-4300 CW-4310 CW-4320
CW-4250 CW-4260 CW-4270 CW-4280
CW-2010G CW-2870 CW-2820G CW-2060
CW-2900 CW-1960 CW-2860 CW-2290G
CW-1480 CW-2850 CW-2460 CW-1871
CW-2471G CW-2480G