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We are always moving towards People And Environment,“ Eco-Friendly ”

We are very proud of our PP decorative films, which are ecologically and biologically harmless product as the main raw material is Polypropylene, a kind of Polyolefin series, not PVC. It’s inherent characteristic can make sure that room air is always fresh and cozy for people’s breath, protect children and babies from atopic skin disease. We will promote the develop eco-friendly products for human-being consistently. DND advances the application and use of polypropylene with the introduction of innovative product designs and repeatedly develops individual solutions for the unique product requirements of its customers. We will continue to grow and advance in the marketplace with a consistent quality product, unique partnership offering and consistent innovative product development.

PCME-57665 PCME-57765 PCME-56461 PCME-56756
PCME-56856 PCME-56561 PCME-56661 PCME-57103
PCME-57203 PCME-57362 PCME-57462 PCME-57562
PCME-56962 PCME-56262 PCME-57064 PCME-56362
PCME-55930G PCME-56062 PCME-55830 PCME-56163
CW-5440 CW-5300 CW-5510 CW-5160G
CW-5480 CW-5270 CW-5550 CW-5310
CW-5520 CW-5360 CW-5490 CW-5560
CW-5450 CW-5570 CW-5330 CW-5320
CW-5240 CW-5530 CW-4690 CW-5390
CW-5460 CW-5400 CW-5370 CW-4790G
CW-5410 CW-5380 CW-4930 CW-5280
CW-5470 CW-5500 CW-4900 CW-5540
CW-4900 CW-5430 CW-5420