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WE are always moving towards People And Environment,“ Eco-Friendly ”

We are very proud of our PP decorative films, which are ecologically and biologically harmless product as the main raw material is Polypropylene, a kind of Polyolefin series, not PVC. It’s inherent characteristic can make sure that room air is always fresh and cozy for people’s breath, protect children and babies from atopic skin disease. We will promote the develop eco-friendly products for human-being consistently. DND advances the application and use of polypropylene with the introduction of innovative product designs and repeatedly develops individual solutions for the unique product requirements of its customers. We will continue to grow and advance in the marketplace with a consistent quality product, unique partnership offering and consistent innovative product development.

Normal 2303-30D Normal 351-47D Normal 2302-104D Normal 2303-105D
Normal 2303-31D Normal 1322 Normal 2207-48D Normal 2294-39D
Normal 407-40D
Normal 1101 Normal 1101H Normal 1210 Normal 1211
Normal 1317H Normal 1282 Normal 1290 Normal 1225
Normal 1201 Normal 1315 Normal 1134 Normal 1297
Normal 1195 Normal 1123 Normal 1148 Normal 1203
Normal 1321 Normal 1850 Normal 1191 Normal 1316
Normal 1320 Normal 1319